Temporary permits for disinfection and pest control

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Department of Plant Production and Protection

Cilj: The purpose of this procedure is the regulation of the rights of the operator for the exercise of activities of disinfection and pest control, through the issuance of a temporary permit.

Opis: The application for Permit disinfection and pest control is submitted to the Department of Agriculture and Trade Policies by the concerned entity. The decision for this procedure is made by the independent committee composed of 4 members, who decide on applications for disinfection and pest control permits. The independent committee, within fifteen (15) days after the closing date for applications, decides on the basis of the application whether to issue a license to an applicant, as prescribed by the rules.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost dozvola: 6 months

Antihemiski organ: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development

Rok zalbe: 15 days

Potrebne informacije

  • Name of entity;
  • Owner's name and surname;
  • Phone, fax, e-mail;
  • Name and surname of the agronomist;
  • Address, place, municipality;

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 15 days

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • Application (listing documents required for application); (Copy)
  • Business Certificate from MTI; (Copy)
  • Fiscal Number Certificate MF; (Copy)
  • Professional Aptitude Diploma (Faculty of Agriculture, Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Epidemiology, Ecology); (Verified copy)
  • Record of Phytosanitary Inspectorate; (Original)
  • Payment slip of permit fee in the amount of EUR40; (Original)
Tip plataIznos ( u Eurima)Nacin plataBroj racuna
Payment40 EURBanking transfer 1000400070001150

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