Registration of industrial design

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Industrial Property Agency

Cilj: Protection of the industrial design for the owners - individual or the company that has registered the design - ensures exclusives rights against unauthorized copying or imitation by third parties. This helps in securing fair proceeds from the investment. An effective system of protection provides benefits also to the general consumers by encouraging loyal competition and fair trade. Protection of industrial designs supports the growth of the economy by providing encouragement to the creative spirit in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as in arts and traditional artisanal activities. They effect the expansion of the trade and exportation of local products.

Opis: The request to register an Industrial Design is made by submitting the registration form to the IPO. Examination of the application takes place, which must show clearly the graphic description of the design. Industrial Design examiner reviews the request and forwards it to the director of the Industrial Design Agency who signs and returns the request, which is then concludes by publishing the industrial design.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost dozvola: 5 years

Antihemiski organ: Ministry of Trade and Industry

Rok zalbe: 15 days

Potrebne informacije

  • Information on application date and number
  • Information on the applicant
  • Information applicant's representative
  • Information receipt of payment for the application fee
  • Product Definition and setting System classes according to the International Classification Locarno
  • Information on the Designer
  • Data on the right of priority if this right is being claimed.
  • Additional information (if any)
  • The signature or seal of the applicant
  • Signature and seal of the Industrial Property Agency

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Potrebna dokumentacija

  • Industrial Design Registration request (Original)
  • Proof of paid fee (Original)
  • A picture/description that explains the layout or the sample of industrial design (Original)
  • The product or an information on product design where it was intended to be incorporated or assumed to apply (Original)
  • Authorization of Authorized Representative (Original)
  • When requiring the right of priority, the data confirming the date and place in which or to whom the application or previous applications were submitted (Original)
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