Licensing practices with radiation sources

Kosovo Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

Cilj: The purpose of this license is to establish a regulatory control over practices and sources of radiation which could pose risk to people and the environment.

Opis: Applicants must apply at the Administrative Office of the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety. Documentation is submitted to the Licensing Office. The Licenses Officer informs the Committee on Permits, Licenses, Registrations, which is formed as per decision of the Agency Chief Executive Officer. The Licensing Officer sets a date and time for reviewing application, within 15 days from the day of completion of documentation for application. The Committee meets, reviews the application and prepares recommendation which is submitted to the Chief Executive Officer. Depending on the Committee's recommendation, the Chief Executive Officer decides to issue a License or not.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost dozvola: 5 years

Antihemiski organ: Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

Rok zalbe: 15 days

Potrebne informacije

  • - Information on legal/natural person: (company, business number, city, postal code, street and number, telephone, email, person responsible for protection against ionizing radiation, contact person, technical service for controlling dosimetry)
  • - Activity data (field of use, type of practice)
  • - Data on radioactive sources (radionuclide, identification number, location, activity, form of source)
  • - Information on radiation generating equipment (producer, model, serial number, location, maximum power)
  • - Statement with full responsibility that the data and the attached documentation are correct
  • - Verification of legal/natural person (name and surname, stamp, date)

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 15

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • 1. Business Registration Certificate (Copy)
  • 2. Evaluation Report on protection against radiation (Original)
  • 3. Agreement with the technical service for reading the dosimeter (Original)
  • 4. Name of person responsible for protection against radiation (Original)
  • 5. Plan for management of radioactive remains (Copy)
  • 6. Action plan in case of accident with radioactive sources (Original)
  • 7. Proof of qualifications of staff working in a practice with radiation sources (Original)
  • 8. Code of safe work (Original)
  • 9. Agreement on maintenance of equipment (Original)
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