License to conduct aquaculture activities

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development

Qëllimi: The purpose of this procedure is the quality control of the artificial production of fish and other aquatic beings from aquaculture activities and efficient management of water resources in the territory of Kosovo.

Përshkrimi: The person who wants to open a business in the field of aquaculture, submits a written application and the required documentation to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, respectively the Department of Livestock Production. Following the application, competent inspectors conducted a formal inspection and review the case; the decision regarding the license is made by the committee composed of five members. The applicant is notified within 60 days of the decision. The same procedure applies for license renewal.

Baza ligjore

Vlefshmeria e lejes: 10 year with the possibility of extension

Organi i ankimimit: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development

Afati i ankimimit: 15 days

Informatat e kërkuara

  • Entity’s name, address and head office;
  • Business Registration Number;
  • Description of location, building;
  • Place where aquaculture activity takes place;
  • Plan of the pond;
  • Type of fish and other aquatic organisms;
  • Density of cultivation;
  • Planned annual output;
  • Description of the water source to be used;
  • Details from the dam, basins, lake etc;
  • Description of the accompanying facilities;
  • Origin of the fish to be cultivated;
  • Food program.

Koha e parashikuar brenda së cilës duhet të jepet përgjigje për proceduren (në ditë): 60

Dokumentacioni i kërkuar

  • Applicant''s Statement; (Original)
  • Report on environmental impact assessment; (Original)
  • Consent of the inhabitants of the locality where the aquaculture activity will be developed; (Original)
  • Memorandum on the type of fish or other aquatic organisms that will be cultivated; (Original)
  • Construction Permit; (Verified copy)
  • Pond Construction Plan; (Copy)
  • Document on water quality control; (Verified copy)
  • Business Certificate; (Original)
Lloji i pagesësShuma (në Euro)Mënyra e pagesësNumri i llogarisë
Payment1000 EUR Banking transfer 1000400070001150

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