License for operation with precursors

Kosovo Medicines Agency

Qëllimi: The purpose of this procedure is to identify the circulators with precursors throughout the Republic of Kosovo in order to control the flow of the precursors.

Përshkrimi: Initially, applications from companies are accepted, then filed and reviewed by the Head of Division. Thereafter, the decision is taken within the legal deadline and signed by the Chief of Division and the Chief Executive Officer.

Baza ligjore

Vlefshmeria e lejes: 3 months

Organi i ankimimit: Board of Appeals at KAMP

Afati i ankimimit: 15 days

Informatat e kërkuara

  • Customs seal; Signature of Customs officer; Date;
  • Name of precursor importer;
  • Number of license for operation with narcotics L1;
  • Expiry date
  • Marketing Authorization Holder Name Address Tel/Fax
  • Manufacturer Importer; Name of transportation company;
  • Manufacturer; Importer; Name of the transportation company;
  • Supporting documentation; Statement; Name and surname of person making the statement, Signature, Date
  • Company director
  • Responsible Pharmacist;
  • Date of receipt; Number of Protocol; Signature of the officer receiving the file;
  • Forms attached;
  • Precursors to be imported;
  • Signature of the officer preparing the file for issuance;

Koha e parashikuar brenda së cilës duhet të jepet përgjigje për proceduren (në ditë): It is not defined, but usually they are prepared within 5 working days.

Dokumentacioni i kërkuar

  • Application (Original)
  • Certificate of analysis for each series; (Copy)
  • Invoice / Proforma invoice (Original)
Lloji i pagesësShuma (në Euro)Mënyra e pagesësNumri i llogarisë
Payment1% from the total amount of the billBanking transfer 1000400070002508

Formulari nuk është në dispozicion