Permit for special transportation of passengers

Ministry of Infrastructure, Department of Road Transport

Qëllimi: The purpose of this administrative procedure consists in providing special transport services to categories or groups of travelers such as pupils and students from their place of residence to destination and back; workers from place of residence to work and back, as well as disabled and people in special care.

Përshkrimi: The applicant submits the request to the Department of Road Transport attaching at the same time the necessary documentation. After this, the Ministry of Infrastructure establishes a committee to assess the application. Once the request is reviewed, the Committee decides to grant or refuse the license. If the decision is made to award the license, it is issued by the Department of Road Transport, and if the license is not granted, the applicant shall be notified of the refusal and instructed by legal counsel.

Baza ligjore

Vlefshmeria e lejes: Depending on the contract signed between subjects minimum of 1 year to 3 years and over 3 years

Organi i ankimimit: Ministry of Infrastructure

Afati i ankimimit: 30 days

Informatat e kërkuara

  • Name of company/business organization and business registration number
  • Name, surname and address of responsible person
  • Phone number, fax number and email address
  • Seal of company/business organization

Koha e parashikuar brenda së cilës duhet të jepet përgjigje për proceduren (në ditë): 30 days

Dokumentacioni i kërkuar

  • Application (Original)
  • Business Registration Certificate (Verified copy)
  • License C or D (Original)
  • Contract signed between the operator licensed by the MI and the service commissioner who is also the payer of services. (Original)
  • Passenger list, price list, itinerary, places to embark and disembark passengers and traffic schedule. (Original)
  • Evidence of technical capacity of vehicles (Copy)
Lloji i pagesësShuma (në Euro)Mënyra e pagesësNumri i llogarisë
PaymentFor 1 year – 200 EUR Up to 3 years – 400 EUR Over 3 years – 600 EUR Banking transfer1000430070003710

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