Permit for regular passenger transport for access to the territory of Kosovo

Ministry of Infrastructure, Department of Road Transport

Qëllimi: The purpose of this procedure is to determine the criteria and procedures for granting and revoking permits for road-transport passenger operators who provide international transport, for access and transit through the territory of Kosovo

Përshkrimi: Non-Resident operators, through the relevant Ministry of its country of establishment, must submit the request for permit to the Department of Road Transport attaching at the same time the necessary documentation. The Ministry of Infrastructure then establishes a committee to assess the application

Baza ligjore

Vlefshmeria e lejes: up to 5 years (depends on the issuance of permit and destination countries)

Organi i ankimimit: Ministry of Infrastructure

Afati i ankimimit: 15 days

Informatat e kërkuara

  • Name of business entity
  • Applicant
  • Headquarters address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Name and surname of the person in charge
  • Seal/stamp of the business entity

Koha e parashikuar brenda së cilës duhet të jepet përgjigje për proceduren (në ditë): 30 days

Dokumentacioni i kërkuar

  • Application (Original)
  • License B or D (Copy)
  • Collaboration contract (Original, Verified copy)
  • Route map (For review)
  • Timetable and pricelist (Verified copy)
  • Financial reliability and professional competence (Verified copy)
  • TAK attestation (Original, Verified copy)
  • Court attestation that there the manager is free of legal obstacles (Original, Verified copy)
Lloji i pagesësShuma (në Euro)Mënyra e pagesësNumri i llogarisë
Tax500 km-300 EURBanking transfer 1000430070003710

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