The Registry of Permits and Licenses is

Here is how you may obtain a permit or license, or search the web portal:

  1. At Home page you will be able to see new permissions in the registry, most viewed permits and most viewed institutions.
  1. You may start the search using a key word or phrase of your choice on the "Home" or on the "Search" page. Enter the key word in the field and press the button "Search". Permits and licenses identified will be shown. You may then refine further your search using the window "Filter the search" according to the title, institution, activity or law.
  1. You can choose to see all permits according to the institution, activities and Laws by clicking on the tab "Browse". You also have the option to generate a list of all permits and licenses. Beside each category, the total number of all allowances included in that category is shown in brackets. To see the list of permissions in one of the categories, click on the category title and identified permits will appear.
  1. The list of activities is taken from the NACE2 sector categorization. A single allowance may be included in more than one activity. Listing of permits according to the activities is made for general illustration only and may contain inaccuracies since institutions that issue permits do not make this categorization.
  1. If you wish to open one of the identified permits, click on its title and you will find detailed information on:
  1. On every permit page, you may select button "Print" to print out all the permit information in one document.
  1. On every permit page, if you click on the name of the institution issuing the permit, you will be taken to the web-page of that institution.
  1. On the "Sources - Statistics" page you will find comparative information on the number of permits/licenses of each institution and according to the activity.
  1. If you would like to send a comment on information found in the registry, you may contact us via the "Comments" page.