License to trade in medical veterinary retail product market

Food and Veterinary Agency, Animal Health Division

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to monitor business entities that trade veterinary medicinal products as animal and public health should be guaranteed.

Description: All applications are made via e-mail or even through physical form. The Department of Veterinary Medicinal Products is hereby authorized to issue the license, and it is signed by the Chief of the FVA within the Agency. The same is signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency. A legal person who wishes to become a Distributor of Retail Veterinary Medicinal Products makes a formal request to the Office of the Veterinary Medicinal Products Division. The permit is issued within a short period of time. The procedure is the same for renewal.

Legal basis

Validity of permit: 5 years

Authority for appeal: Food and Veterinary Agency

Deadline for appeal: 15 days

Information requested

  • Name - Surname;
  • Person in charge;
  • Importing company;
  • Address;
  • Date of application;
  • Business Registration Number;
  • Type of the import;

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 15 days

Documents requested

  • Application; (Original)
  • Business Registration Certificate; (Original)
  • Certificate on Medical Drug Analysis; (Original)
  • Proof of payment of administrative fees; (Original)
  • Work contract that has employed the person as veterinary technician; (Copy)
  • List of imports of veterinary medicinal products, with prior approval by the FVAK; (Original)
  • Proof of sufficient space; (Copy)
Payment typeAmount (in Euro)Method of paymentAccount number
Payment100 EUR - the same charge applies for extending the licensePayment in cash 1000 4000 7000 2896

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