Certification (Exam) of stomatologists

Ministry of Health, Department of Strategic Health Development

Purpose: The License exam is the condition to be licensed as a stomatologist as a health-care professional. This is carried out in order to ensure the quality of service.

Description: The interested person applies for exam to the Office of the Central Board for registration and licensing. The Board determines the members of the Committee for certification of stomatologists. The candidate is tested in public health, health legislation and emergency medicine. The license exam committee, within 15 days, sets the date of the examination and within 5 days after the examination, issues a certificate of license exam to successful candidates.

Legal basis

Validity of permit: Permanent

Authority for appeal: Ministry of Health, Central Board for Registration and Licensing

Deadline for appeal: 15 days

Information requested

  • Name of applicant and Applicant's surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • Telephone number;
  • Residence;

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 15 days+5 days equipment with certificartion

Documents requested

  • Application; (Original)
  • Diploma; (Verified copy)
  • The internship booklet; (Original)
Payment typeAmount (in Euro)Method of paymentAccount number
PaymentPayment for examBanking transfer30 euro

Form is not available