Individual professional license for physical persons to evaluate real estate

Ministry of Finance

Purpose: The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that the candidates meet all the administrative procedures in order to be part of the process.

Description: Interested applicant must submit a request to the Economic Chamber. The request is reviewed by the Supervisory Board on Licensing Immovable Property Evaluators and the documents requested are also verified. The application is reviewed within 14 days by the Supervisory Board on Licensing Immovable Property Evaluators. If the applicant meets all the conditions by attending the 120-hour training and passing exams required by the Board, where the passing threshold is 70%, the Board will make a decision on issuing Individual Processing License for Immovable Property Evaluation.

Legal basis

Validity of permit: 2 years

Authority for appeal: Ministry of Finance

Deadline for appeal: 30 days

Information requested

  • Name, surname and address of applicant
  • Birth date

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 60 days

Documents requested

  • Aplication form (Original)
  • Copy of University diploma (NONE)
  • Copy of ID (NONE)
  • Self-declaration for: a) recognizing and implementing the conditions (Copy)
  • Certificate of no ongoing investigation (Original)
  • Proof of qualification in the field (Original)
  • Proof of training for immovable properties (120 hours min). (Copy)
  • Proof of passing the examination for immovable property evaluation (Copy)
  • Declaration on Ethics (Copy)
Payment typeAmount (in Euro)Method of paymentAccount number
PaymentBanking transferOda Ekonomike e Kosovës: 1901217736031640

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