Law on Permits and Licenses

Law No. 04/L-202 "On the system of permits and licenses" is a framework law which establishes principles and rules that regulate the government regulatory system of private and public activities, by defining such rules that are required for protecting public health, public safety, the environment and the use of natural resources in the Republic of Kosovo.

The Law can be found in the Official Gazette by clicking here.


Better Regulation Strategy

In May 2014, the Kosovo Government approved the Strategy for Better Regulation 2014-2020. The goals of this strategy are (1) establishment of a regulatory system that balances economic, environmental and social cost and benefit through Regulatory Impact Assessment; (2) effective implementation of legislation by increasing efficiency of administrative procedures and keeping to a minimum the administrative burden for citizens and business organizations; and (3) increasing communication effectiveness and strengthening dialogue with the private sector in order to achieve objectives.

You may found the Strategy by clicking here.


Information on Business Registration

You can register your business at the Business Registers Agency at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Prishtina and another 29 points of business registration in municipalities across Kosovo. For more information on the type of business that you may register and forms that you must file please make the contact by clicking on the Business Registration Agency.